In 1989, the Cottage first became Sheerness Heritage Centre but in 2015 it was renamed Rose Street Cottage of Curiosities after coming under the umbrella of Sheppey Promenade charity.

Promenade started in 2011 with a gathering of like-minded people who had a vision of local organisations working together to celebrate Island life through a festival of arts, history and culture.

Sheppey Promenade is in its ninth year.  The theme for 2018 is Women in World War 1 and we have are running a year-long Programme of events using the Cottage as our “home base” but taking place all around the Island.

We are continuing to run the cottage to promote local Heritage and the Arts and create a Community hub.

Promenade’s trustees are currently Chris Reed (Chair), Janys Thornton (Secretary), Jeremy Thornton (Treasurer), Jo Eden (Publicity/Exhibitions), James Apps, Jeanette McClaren and Keven Lee.

The building is owned by Swale Borough Council and Sheppey Promenade leases it from the Council.  We pay rent and all utility bills and generate funds through grants, donations, merchandising and special events.  We are run entirely by volunteers.